The name ‘Jesus’ was one of the most common names in ancient Palestine.

1. The English name Jesus is really the same as the Hebrew name Joshua. (The name ‘Jesus’ evolved from a Latin translation of a Greek translation of the Hebrew name Yehoshuah/Yeshua.) Because the Old Testament is filled with Yeshuas/Joshuas, we can say there are tons of people named Jesus in the Bible.

2. Through the discovery of over a thousand marked ossuaries (ancient grave boxes) scholars have been able to show that ‘Jesus’ was the 6th most common name of the region. (1) During the time of Jesus, there were hundreds of other people named Jesus (That’s why they called him Jesus of Nazareth).

To compare, “Jesus” was as common of a name at the time as the English names William and Richard, or Russian names Alex and Dmitry, are today.


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