Why has the Rapture or Second Coming not happened yet?

Why has the Rapture or Second Coming not happened ? Why has every generation of people preached/prophecized “it’s very soon, in my lifetime” and yet died, unfulfilled?

Exhibit A: The New Testament says it will happen “very soon,” so soon that the early church literally expected it in their lifetimes. (There are numerous epistles dealing with these failed expectations of the early Christians).

Exhibit B: Every generation has promised the end would come in its time. Tertullian (who first coined “Trinity”) taught it would happen in his lifetime. Martin Luther promised it would happen in his. John Wesley promised it in his. The early Pentecostal movement of 1920’s promised it would happen in their lifetime. All these, and thousands more are dead, and no rapture.

Exhibit C: I have seen recordings and heard of ecstatic prophecies by people ranging from Branham, Hagin, Hinn or Robertson, to small town Slavic pentecostal prophets, who uttered that the timing would be “very soon.” Most of these have died, and still nothing.

Exhibit D: I once sat across while a few of the most important Slavic pentecostal pastors/leaders spoke about the end times, they said their Pentecostal alliance (Reinhard Bonke was mentioned) have head many prophecies and now say only three years are left, this is the final three year push before the end. This was almost five years ago.


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