IQ scores are steadily rising – the Flynn effect

Since the inception of the IQ test, scores have been steadily rising. This is called the Flynn effect. The prevailing theory is that this occurs because we live in a more symbol-rich environment that promotes abstract thinking more than ever before (we read, interact with software, websites, stories, video games, etc).

According to award winning cognitive scientist Stephen Pinker: “if we take the Flynn Effect at face value, a typical person today is smarter than 98 percent of the people in the good old days of 1910. To state it in an even more jarring way, a typical person of 1910, if time-transported forward to the present, would have a mean IQ of 70, which is at the border of mental retardation.” (See more on Stephen Pinker:

While the average person today is below the intelligence of giants like Einstein, the average person today is likely to be significantly more intelligent than their great-grandparents a hundred years ago.

But don’t celebrate yet, if you can’t spell and use grammar, you are probably not included.


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