There exists a canon within a canon that contains the books Christians actually read

There is a “canon within a canon” that contains the books clergy and laity frequently read and recommend, while there are other biblical texts that are oft hid.

“For centuries there has been a kind of canon within the canon, a selection of biblical texts read in liturgical contexts that are therefore the principal contact most believers have with the Bible. Conspicuously absent from [readings] are most or all of such books as Joshua, with its violent extermination of the inhabitants of the land of Canaan at divine command, or Judges, with its horrifying narratives of patriarchy and sexual assault in chapters 11 and 19–to say nothing of the Song of Solomon, with its charged eroticism, or of Job, with its radical challenge to the dominant biblical view of a just and caring God.” (1)

-Michael Coogan, leading Hebrew Bible scholar


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