Why would Satan choose to rebel against God if he knew that he would end up losing?

Adam and Eve were tempted by Satan to sin because they were tricked into thinking there was a benefit.

Who was Satan tempted by? And for what benefit/motive did he sin? *Why* would a good being who perfectly knew God start a rebellion he knew he would certainly lose?

Common pat answers:

1. “Because of free will” is exactly like saying “just because.” The real question is *why* did he use free will to make that choice? For example I have free will, yet I wont declare war with the US Navy because I know I will lose. And if I did something so dumb, people would never accept “free will” as my motivation, they’d want a real motive. And a psychiatric evaluation.

2. “Because he hated God” or “was jealous” just pushes the question one step back. *Why* did he feel hatred/jealousy? How could someone who truly knows God feel those things. (Can Christians in the future, who are in heaven and know God, also grow the feelings without cause? So heaven is not safe from sin?)

3. “Because he was really proud/selfish.” Again, *why* did he develop those feelings? Most would say he was created without them, so where did they come from? In addition, Satan would know there was no hope in winning, and a truly selfish being (who’s not mentally ill) would never choose to act in a way that they know with 100% certainty would lead to eternal torture.


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