Bible scholars say Moses didn’t write the Torah, David didn’t write the Psalms

Today’s the vast majority of biblical scholars don’t accept the traditional tales of the authorship of many biblical texts.

“Moses did not write the Torah (The Pentateuch, that is, the first five books of the Bible); David did not write most of the Psalms; Solomon did not write the Song of Solomon or Ecclesiastes; Isaiah did not write the entire book attributed to him; Paul did not write the letter to Timothy or Titus or several others published under his name; and it is unlikely that the apostles Matthew, James, Jude, Peter and John had anything to do with the canonical books ascribed to them.” (1)

(Michael Coogan, from Harvard, one of todays most respected Old Testament scholars, editor of the Oxford Annotated Bible.)

Even many conservatives reluctantly agree on these issues, for example Eardmans Commentary on the Bible, written by 67 Christian scholars including well known conservative theologians James Dunn and Bruce Waltke, states that the authors of the Torah are unknown (2) and it was likely edited on many occasions by different people.


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