Why do most peoples depictions of God show him as utterly violent and vindictive?

Why does that make sense?

There are stories where God supposedly says he will force people to eat their children if they don’t obey him, or where he kills all of humanity by drowning men, women, children, and babies, as well as plenty of tales of God commanding one small tribe to kill the adults/children/infants of another small tribe.

There is so much vengeance and retribution ascribed to God, but why would God even WANT to be so angry, vindictive, vengeful, and pernicious? Sure, we humans want vengeance, because have been harmed and want to make the other person pay, but why would God want that?

Why would God WANT to kill, murder, destroy, and torture people in hell forever?

Common answers that don’t really work

#1 – But we deserve it. First off, it’s hard to prove those babies really deserved it, but that’s another matter. The real issue is “so what?” Even if we did deserve to be beat up and tortured, why would God want to do that as opposed to forgiving everyone? Even if the Amalekite babies deserved to die, why would God wan’t to give them what they deserve as opposed to love?

#2 – God doesn’t want to but we choose our own destiny, we suffer by choice.
The Bible clearly depicts that God is doing the commanding shows him in charge. If you look at every Old Testament story that shows a vengeful God, in each one the story very clearly shows God is forcing the act of violence to happen. Surely God could have easily said told the Israelite soldiers to “forgive people” rather than “kill people.” Surely God could easily throw people onto a nice eternal island rather than a lake of fire.

#3 – God isn’t vengeful, youre just interpreting the Bible wrong.
“God of vengeance” Psalm 94:1 and “A jealous and avenging God is the LORD; The LORD is avenging and wrathful”” Nahum 1:2


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