You are not you, but a thousand galaxies of cells

You are not you, but a thousand galaxies of living cells, all working in tandem, none able to comprehend your existence.

Indeed, there are more cells in your body than there are stars in a thousand Milky Ways. That is about 37 trillion cells for an average adult!

“if you pick volume or weight, you get drastically different numbers. Making matters worse, our bodies are not packed with cells in a uniform way, like a jar full of jellybeans. Cells come in different sizes, and they grow in different densities. Look at a beaker of blood, for example, and you’ll find that the red blood cells are packed tight. If you used their density to estimate the cells in a human body, you’d come to a staggering 724 trillion cells. Skin cells, on the other hand, are so sparse that they’d give you a paltry estimate of 35 billion cells.” (1)

If you could live forever and spend 24 hrs a day counting your cells, it would take you over a million years to finally count them.


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