What is more frightening – infinite torture for most people or finite existence for all?

hell_forever_and_ever (1)

Which of these two options* is more frightening and shows a universe with “no purpose for existence” to most people?

A. Traditional Orthodoxy – The vast majority of the human race (Matthew 7:13-14) will have lived their lives only to end up being tortured in fire for all eternity. Regardless of their begging, they cannot be liberated from the most painful, excruciating, horrendous torment imaginable. This is their only destiny… to scream and wither in dreadful pain, forever… and ever.

B. Ontological Naturalism – All of the human race will have lived their lives, enjoying finite pleasures and finite meaning, but will ultimately cease to exist, and trillions of years (instead of most burning in hell) everyone will have passed into oblivion.

If you had the choice, would you rather allow:

(a) where you personally can be in heaven while many billions of people, who had hopes/dreams/ambitions and existential yearnings like you, spend forever in infinite agony? Or would you rather
(b) save those billions from burning forever, by ending eternal life for everyone who exists, robbing heaven from a minority, including yourself?


*Note this question is merely a thought experiment to get us to think about two dichotomous choices we often juxtapose. This experiment doesn’t prove anything, nor does it reflect the only choices we have.


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