Just like Jesus, Fidel Castro also had a dove descend from heaven and land on his shoulder

In 1959, Cubas dictator Fidel Castro gave one of the most importation speeches in Cubas history. During this rousing speech, a dove descended from heaven and landed on Castros shoulder. (A second landed on his podium).

These doves remained there for two hours of his speech and caused millions of Cubans to believe that their dictator was divinely chosen for his leadership role.

This religious imagery came from two influential religions in Cuba at the time.

1. In Matthews Gospel story, a dove also descended from heaven upon Jesus to authenticate his mission, thus, Catholic Cubans saw this same symbol as confirmation of Gods favor upon Castro.

2. Also “in Cuban Santería, a religion derived from the Yorùbá people brought to Cuba as slaves, a white dove represents the divinity Obatalá, a divine king who molds humans from clay in heaven.” This caused Cubans to see Castro embodied with divine power.hbcUZUT


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