Why doesnt God heal amputees just headaches?

Why doesn’t God heal amputees?

There are many people who claim to have been healed by God, they say they were healed from things like headaches, high blood pressure, unknown pain, psychological issues, and even cancer. (see notes below)

But it’s *never* something utterly clear, indubitable, undeniable like an amputated leg visibly growing out in front of eyewitnesses. Surely with billions of people who own a camera phone, we would have at least one video of such a miracle?

Why don’t we?


a. There are cases where people who are not praying for a miracle, or don’t even believe, go into spontaneous remission from their disease. Our bodies heal themselves, many diseases have a % remission rate, which means some people will just recover naturally. Sure it *could* be a miracle, but it could also be the body healing itself.

b. There are cases where doctors think something is cancer, and a few months later exams show no cancer, the patient thinks he is healed. Sure it *could* be a miracle, but it *could* also be misdiagnosis, doctors aren’t always right, they occasionally do make the wrong diagnosis.

c. There are cases where peoples psychosis affects their body (for example there is even a girl who became paralyzed because of emotional trauma), later regained her ability to move after counseling -reported by Dr. Josef Breuer). This *could* be a miracle, but it could also be psychosomatic/placebo related “healing”.

d. There are cases where people have a low chance of survival, like with certain cancers (notice low does not equal zero % chance) then they undergo many surgeries, treatments, and because of the hard work of people, they survive. This *could* be a miracle, but it could also be the medical treatment working.

All of these kinds of events *could* be miracles, or they *could* be completely natural. There is no way to prove for certain, you still have to take it on pure faith, but with an amputated limb that grows out in front of witnesses, it would be hard evidence for miracles.


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