Dan Wallace thinks that 99% of liberal bible scholars started out as conservatives

According to one of the world’s leading conservative evangelical scholars, most “liberal” Biblical scholars start out as devout conservatives.

dan wallace liberal scholars

Daniel Wallace, a leading evangelical scholar of textual criticism writes:

“Some years ago, I was on a committee that was working on a revision of the standard Greek grammar of the New Testament. In one of our annual two-day meetings about ten years ago, we got to discussing theological liberalism during lunch. Now before you think that this was a time for bashing liberals, you need to realize that most of the scholars on this committee were theologically liberal.

And one of them casually mentioned that, as far as he was aware, 100% of all theological liberals came from an evangelical or fundamentalist background.

I thought his numbers were a tad high since I had once met a liberal scholar who did not come from such a background. I’d give it 99%. Whether it’s 99%, 100%, or only 75%, the fact is that overwhelmingly, theological liberals do not start their academic study of the scriptures as theological liberals. They become liberal somewhere along the road.” (1)


One comment

  1. As a Pagan – easiest nomenclature / identification – I can attest through extrapolation that the vast majority of Liberal theologians most likely come from evangelical, fundamentalist, or strict Catholic backgrounds. I say this because most of the Pagans came from the same backgrounds.

    In both cases it seems that these people, upon studying their religion, found strictures and prohibitions within it that they found uncomfortable…and left it, either to become Liberal Christians or the “roll your own faith” form of modern Pagan.


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